Guided Reading

With joy and hope, we present the book "Guided Reading" to all educators, parents, and parties interested in supporting children's literacy development.

Reading is one of the most important basic skills in education because it forms the foundation for further learning. "Guided Reading" is designed to help educators implement effective guided reading sessions that not only improve students' reading abilities but also build a love of books and reading. We believe that reading is a window to the world that can open new horizons for every individual, connecting them with knowledge, stories, and ideas from all corners of the world.


Ni Luh Nyoman Seri Malini
Ni Luh Ketut Mas Indrawati
Anak Agung Shanti Sari Dewi
Ketut Santi Indriani
Ida Ayu Made Puspani

PenerbitPT. Literasi Nusantara Abadi Grup
Halamanviii + 185

Rp 58.000