Qualitative Research

Exploring Current Issues of Language Learning in the EFL Context

The narratives, in this book chapter, showcase the profound impact of stories in unveiling the potential of diverse catalysts in fueling the motivation to learn English. From K-Pop idols to personal hobbies, each narrative we encounter holds a mirror to the challenges, triumphs, and revelations experienced by learners and educators alike, drawing us closer to the heart of ELT.

Moreover, the narratives intertwine culture, environment, and personal growth, as Indonesian international students share their stories of navigating foreign terrains to enhance English proficiency. The quest to reduce speaking anxiety, the exploration of video games' impact on language skills, and the dance of motivation in language learning further enrich our understanding of the multifaceted ELT journey.


Bayu Ariski, Kurniasih, Alifia Eka Pristiyaputri, M. Jalaludin Al Afghani, Tika Dewi Safitri, Anggi Febizzia

PenerbitPT. Literasi Nusantara Abadi Grup
Halamanviii + 483

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