The Roaster’s Manifesto

Unleashing the Art and Science of Specialty Coffee Roasting                                 

Coffee is more than just a drink. It’s a ritual, a source of comfort, and a way to connect. And for those passionate about coffee, there’s nothing quite like the experience of roasting your own beans. But specialty coffee roasting is more than just a technical skill. It’s an art and a science, a way to express creativity, connect with the world, and positively impact the environment and the people who produce the coffee we love. This is the message of “The Roaster’s Manifesto,” a book that goes beyond the basics of coffee roasting to explore its more profound meaning and potential. The book covers everything from the history of coffee roasting to the business and entrepreneurship of starting a specialty coffee roasting business. But it goes beyond that, exploring the art and science of coffee roasting in an inspiring and profound way.


Kurniawan Arif Maspul

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