British Parliamentary Debate

A Practical Guide

This book, "British Parliamentary Debate: A Practical Guide," aims to provide a valuable resource for individuals interested in mastering the art of BP Debate. Whether you are a novice debater looking to develop foundational skills or an experienced competitor striving for excellence, this guide offers insights, strategies, and techniques to enhance your debating abilities.

In this guide, you will find a detailed explanation of the BP Debate format, including its rules, structure, and key principles. The book covers essential aspects such as argumentation, rebuttals, style, and teamwork, offering practical tips and examples to illustrate effective debating techniques. Additionally, it provides guidance on case construction, topic analysis, and persuasive speaking, empowering debaters to construct compelling and well-rounded arguments.


Citra Dewi Harmia
Karlina Denistia
Jotika Purnama Yuda

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