Language And Environmental Issues:
The Stories We Live By


In an era of unprecedented globalization and interconnectedness, the intricate relationship between language and the environment has become a subject of profound importance and contemplation. "Language and Environmental Issues: The Stories We Live By" delves into this intricate interplay, weaving together the threads of linguistics, ecology, culture, and consciousness. As we stand at the crossroads of environmental crisis, our ability to perceive, articulate, and ultimately address these challenges relies heavily on the narratives we construct.

This book embarks on a captivating journey, exploring the manifold ways in which language shapes our understanding of environmental issues. Through the lens of linguistics, we venture into the intricate patterns of discourse, uncovering how our choice of words, metaphors, and narratives constructs our relationship with the natural world. From the poetic nuances of indigenous languages that harmonize with the rhythms of nature to the scientific lexicon that attempts to quantify our impact, language becomes a mirror reflecting our attitudes, values, and aspirations.

KaryaIqbatul Muhlisin 
PenerbitCV. Literasi Nusantara Abadi
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